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Design Challenges for the Watts Gallery Cow

So after 2 weeks of 'getting to know' my cow and designing and painting, I have a few sneak peak shots to show of her. These detail the design challenges of combining two very talented and well known artists ( G F Watts and Mary Watts) alongside the design thoughts of 13 GCSE art students.

I wanted to balance the work and styles of both Artists - so included is the Arts and Craft styled details from Mary's Gesso work and the work within the Chappel in Compton Village, and the drawings and painting styles of G F Watts. After my tour with Lucy Shipp, I learned alot about the type of paint and texture that Watts used within his paintings. Its a fomidable task looking at his enormous variety and scale of his paintings - and drawing out elements that I can use. So I focused on colours texture, patterns and small sections of his paintings. Hopefully my efforts result in a cow that reflects their mode of working and feels that it should belong with the Artists Village. The content of the design reflects the thoughts of the Kings College Art students and elements of the works that they studied and visited at the gallery.

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