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Sunbeams: LSE Festival 2022 How do we live in a post Covid world?

Sunbeams is a project based on children's hope, being heard and being seen. I was proud to work again with LSE Library for the LSE FESTIVAL 2022. We used the Children's charter ( 1924) as a starting point for inspiration for the project. The children's raised hands created using collage, paint and mark making stretch out to the sky as sunbeams. Their words of hope and comments on the sun surround the artwork. We worked with Frith Manor Primary school in North London.

Visual Art curated and designed by Becci and the poet Justin Coe supported the pupils to create writing focused on what hope means to them and their feelings towards the sun and sunshine.

Lesson content created by Dr Debbie Challis ( Lse Library) Becci Kenning and Justin Coe. Links to all lesson plans and supporting documents are here.

Sunbeams: Declaring Children’s Rights, Past and Present

The Sunbeams: Declaring Children’s Rights, Past and Present lessons ask how did the Children’s Charter of 1924 - a message of hope for children - come out of war, disease and famine? What can we learn from this? Can we do something similar after the COVID-19 pandemic? What do children think they and we (as adults, communities, schools, families etc) should do to create a happier future for them? The project is based on the principles of the Recovery Curriculum, which stresses mental wellness, and is designed to give students their own agency. It aims to help children develop their voice and express themselves through words and art.

Art work has been installed a Window film on both of the corner windows of the LSE Gallery within LSE Library on Portugal Street London. Without the text the sunbeams shine down and create a glow of positivity within the room.


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