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"Little Manhattan" exhibition prints have a warm welcome at Matthews Yard, Croydon

The exhibition in the Musuem of Croydon Dec23 - Feb24.

The 5 large scale prints from the exhibition of "Little Manhattan" that finished in February at the Musuem of Croydon have found a new home across the street at Matthews Yard; the award winning creative hub in the heart of Croydons Old Town. In the members workspace - you can now find the artwork I created with the Croydon community last summer as part of Digital Dramas Heritage Lottery funded project - focusing on the boom in modern architecture post war in Croydon until the 1970's. The buildings featured include Apollo and Lunar house, St Georges Tower, Corinthian House and Norfolk House.

They sit within the creative co- working spaces and fit right in with the dynamic and colourful setting. I met up with Leoni, who is one of the founding members of Matthews Yard community space, who had taken the time to hang the pieces with such care.

This was the first face to face meet I have had with Leoni, who I had frantically connected with in the last days of the exhibition - looking for a home for the pieces. The original space they were heading to, had fallen through last minute and Julia at the Croydonist Blog, who had focused on my work in their February Blog introduced us.

Leoni started measuring up to see if they could fit; and I organised walking the flats through a busy Surrey Street Market to their new home.

I am very grateful that these pieces, that were created using so many individuals input through print workshops last Summer, have found a more permanent home. It is important to value this style of co authored art, and celebrate its creation. I can't imagine a more suitable place for these 5 pieces to be, as the Croydon London Borough of Culture year comes to the end.

The artwork hung within Matthews Yard co-working spaces. April 24.


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