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Change for People by People

I have been working with Year 5 of Christchurch Primary School in Purely in partnership with LSE Library and Learning and Engagement Officer Chelsea Collison. Working for a full term regularly with the full year group of 50 pupils has created an in-depth investigation into the role of Protest and Campaigning. We have been looking at the Archives within LSE Library to seek out primary sources to analyse and discuss. We have looked at artists worldwide and their role in communicating and highlighting situations that they feel should change. We have discussed the role of the Activist and what that means to young people. What is their role in changing the world when they see something that needs a change.

I have been fortunate to re engage with Community Composer Tom Cook, who also joined the project to create original lyrics and melodies of Protest songs with the full cohort of Year 5. Recordings of those songs appear in links at the bottom of this blog.

All this extraordinary project will be on display on the 17th June in the London Campus of LSE. Links of more information above - We are looking for people to join our Campaign Headquarters and explore the project so far and create some of their own Protest Art and contribute to a new Protest Song with Tom Cook.


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