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Mootilda the mini moo for Cow Parade Surrey

I was so honoured to be asked to be involved with creating a mini moo with my friends at St Michaels Nursery. Her creation has involved the children playing with her before her painting, exploring who she was and where she came from. They as a whole team used paintbrushes, sponges and their hands and fingers to paint her. We used a making technique to give her stripes and she has ended up with special orange horns, udders and hooves!

My work with Early Years is always rewarding and this little project is no different, I know that Mootilda's adventure continues into the Summer... she already has an invite to the 'Crown Parade' on Saturday that celebrates the Queens 90th Birthday.

There are plans to bring her story to life in a book, that the nursery will create ... so as they say watch this space.

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