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LAUNCH! Community Art Garden in Smallfield

May 19th 2017, We launched the Community Art Garden in Smallfield. The team that had volunteered over 100 hours of work to create the landscape and planting of the garden launched the new garden with a Hog Roast and a few bottles of bubbles! I have been so proud to be part of this project and for the design to be fully realised through the extraordinary generosity of the community in both donations and time. The garden is designed to blossom overtime into a space for contemplation from the busy lives we lead. It is focused on a multi sensory experience of smell, colour, light, and shade. planting is aimed to be low maintenance, but high impact when matured. The hard landscaping has a 'henge' as an outer rim, enclosing the inner winding path. Handcrafted benches are positioned to create different views of the space. The shadow planks provide subtle enclosure, while providing interest through shadows of both colour and neutral light. The sculpture echoes the circles throughout the design, and will provide a natural screen when clematis covers the wires, leaving the ring as a window through into the inner path. Wildlife is encouraged through Bug Houses and the planting of Bee friendly perennial plants.

#Community #ArtGarden #Sculpture

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