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Lockdown Art Project at WEPS

In these strange lockdown times, I am adapting planned projects to work in a new environment and explore new ways of connecting to the communities I work within.

The new challenge is to remotely deliver a collaborative and school wide project that promotes collectivity, a sense of belonging and celebrates being part of a large community at school.

It has started with a survey to encourage all the pupils to consider how they feel about colour and how it can represent them. These colours are then moved into a 2 D individual piece of work that I will use within a larger collective piece of artwork that will be displayed in school. Getting the artwork printed onto T shirts allows the participants to wear their collective artwork until they are able to all be together again in the school building.

I am using remote surveys, Video content, Handouts and

Emoji ! to find a way of being connected to the children and staff, without actually being there.

As a Primary school the challenge of keeping the collective feel is increasing with a staggered return of certain year groups while other year groups stay at home. This project plans to keep them all connected in this unusual situation.

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