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A new model of working

I am a community focused Artist whose arts practice primarily is led by face to face interaction with participants of my creative activity. It is now an ongoing challenge to stay connected to groups I was working with pre COVID 19 and to seek new audiences and participants as we move through this pandemic. I have used online tools - pre recorded input and demonstrations and invitations to begin projects, I have used printed work to engage participants and the ever expanding ZOOM!

As Artists we thrive on challenges; it's often the key starting point of any project that I embark upon. The conversations, discourse, observation and reflection - are rarely sparked within an environment of benign calm. As a practitioner who facilitates engagement via creativity - there is often the challenge of 'I can't do it' or 'I was told I was hopeless at this'. It can also be 'no-one will see this' or 'whats the point of me trying?'

When I am working alongside people it is my role to challenge these thoughts and attitudes and follow through with support to debunk them. Encourage celebration of engagement and ensure a public audience.

Without the energy of meeting people face to face and working with materials and media alongside them, I have found it sometimes very hard and I am now aware that I truly rely on that energy to propel my practice forward. It's a challenge that I am facing head on, and I am grateful that I am working with equally flexible and determined partners within Arts Organisations, Galleries and Libraries.

Currently I am working alongside LSE Library Education and Outreach, Watts Gallery and Artists Village, Harrow Arts Centre and have plans for more.

The arts are a key part of the flotilla of lifeboats in these very turbulent seas.

Get in touch, let's stay connected.


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