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The Puppet Project: New Episodes of Puppets Points of View

The Puppet Project, funded by Arts Council England and Arts Partnership Surrey has been running since March 2021 in Surrey. Over these months, Youth groups, Community support groups, Mental Health charities and selected Primary School children have been working with puppets to explore how the Covid pandemic and lockdowns have effected their lives. I provided them with filmed and printed resources to get them started, and some of them filmed the results. Some of the self-recorded films of their puppets exploring this topic are now shared in two further Episodes of Puppets Points of View hosted by 'Ham Robinson'. Thank you to the extraordinary voice skills and enthusiasm of Victoria Barklamb of Theatre Exchange.

It provides a small insight into the views and experiences of members of society who were already facing challenges before the pandemic hit and how they feel about the future.

The links below are of the first introduction episode and then the two follow up Episodes that conclude this project. A selection of the paper puppets made by the primary school children are also shown below.


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